2023 Travel Trends

Jan 17, 2023

If your goal in 2023 is to travel more, you are not alone! Travel trend reports are showing that people are generally feeling more optimistic about traveling this year and are looking for more ways to make up for missed travel experiences from past years. As a premier provider of Florida vacation rentals, Kong Vacation Homes has put together a list of the travel trends to watch, using data from industry reports like the joint Expedia®, Hotels.com, and Vrbo 2023 global trends report, Booking.com’s 2023 travel predictions, and other sources.

Here are Kong Vacation Homes’ top 4 travel trends for 2023:


1. Living as Digital Nomads 

Digital nomads are people who are remote workers, connecting to the office online from the locations of their choice. This trend was gaining traction before the global COVID-19 pandemic but has exponentially increased in popularity after. According to Forbes Magazine, it’s estimated that 22 percent of the workforce will be remote workers by 2025!

Since they are not tied to a physical location, digital nomads are free to roam, often choosing destinations like sunny Florida. Because they move frequently, it makes sense that many digital nomads are also vacation home renters. They look for high-speed Wi-Fi and strong cell reception as top features in their preferred rental homes. Having a dedicated office space is also a plus!

In 2022, Kong Vacation Homes upgraded the Wi-Fi speed at all of our Florida properties, allowing our guests to stay connected and work where they are. Our homes also offer plenty of room for your remote working set-up!


2. Prioritizing Unique and Customized Experiences

This year, people are looking to break routines and seek memorable experiences with their planned travel. From chasing adventure to immersing yourself in local culture, it’s all about saying “no” to a run-of-the-mill vacation in 2023. Expedia’s 2023 travel trends report, “The No-Normal”,  doubles down on the trend, saying “This year is about travelers doing what they want to do, not what everyone else is doing.”

With any trip, where you stay is an essential part of your overall experience. Travelers want ease of booking and flexibility of accommodations, factors that are especially important after the travel restrictions from the global pandemic. Kong Vacation Homes offers a direct booking website that provides a seamless experience that begins at your first inquiry. We also have contactless check-in and check-out, allowing you secure access to your rental on your schedule.

Individualized experiences are also part of this trend, with travelers booking vacation homes for their privacy and amenities. At Kong Vacation Homes, our motto is, “Your Experience, Your Way”, and that extends to the personalized services that we deliver. When you arrive, you’ll find a custom welcome basket, in addition to information on the home and recommendations for the local area. You’ll also find a fully equipped kitchen, on-site laundry facilities, smart home features, and more to maximize your experience. If your family has a specific need, like a highchair or pack-n-play, just ask!


3. Uncovering Hidden Gem Destinations

2023 might just be known as the year of the small town, with an increasing number of travelers interested in moving off the beaten path and away from urban centers. Looking for a change of pace, people are ready to trade in crowded cities and popular attractions for rustic locations, outdoorsy destinations, and pastoral landscapes. With quiet charm and a slower pace, these hidden gem communities offer a lot for visitors to experience – without the big city stress!

When we think of hidden gem destinations in Florida, the city of Zephyrhills comes to mind. A suburb of the Tampa Bay Metropolitan Statistical Area, the semi-rural community of Zephyrhills is located on Florida’s Sports Coast and has a laid-back vibe. Surrounded by citrus groves and cattle ranches, Zephyrhills holds the titles of the City of Pure Water, Tree City USA, and the Skydive Capital of the World!

It’s also one of the cities where Kong Vacation Homes are located. Family- and pet-friendly, the Oaks Manor is a newly renovated four-bedroom, three-bathroom home, located in heart of Zephyrhills. (We’ll also soon be introducing a new vacation rental home in nearby Wesley Chapel, so watch for that!)

Across the state, Kong Vacation Homes also offers private rental homes in the community of Hallandale Beach, giving you the South Florida experience in a more relaxed setting. When you stay at the Grey Manor and the Palm Estate in Hallandale Beach, you can explore the historic sites in the small city, visit the beautiful beach, or just enjoy the Florida sunshine from the backyard pool!


4. Seeking Wellness

People are looking for more ways to escape the everyday grind with vacations that allow them to unplug and reenergize, which is contributing to the exponential growth of wellness tourism. In fact, Booking.com says that 42 percent of travelers want a getaway that focuses on their mental and physical health.

Not just limited to formal wellness retreats, people are prioritizing physical activities and creative pursuits to center the mind as part of their 2023 travel plans. And they want a restful place to call home at the end of the day, like a private vacation rental home.

If you are in search of a distraction-free time by an inviting pool, Kong Vacation Homes’ Aqua Villa in Tampa Bay, Palm Estate, or Grey Manor might be the accommodation for you!


An honorable mention goes to the trend of family and multigenerational travel.

While this has been a growing trend since before the pandemic, we believe that family reunions and multigenerational trips will continue to increase in popularity in 2023. But finding a place where the extended family can stay during your vacation can be a challenge! Kong Vacation Homes has the solution, the five-acre Saint Patrick Palace estate in Davie. Accommodating 16 guests in a 6,389 square-foot main residence and guest house, Saint Patrick Palace has the space that every family member needs and the amenities for each generation!

Are you a trendsetter with your 2023 travel plans, or did this list inspire your next trip? If you are heading to Florida, complete your travel experience with a stay at Kong Vacation Homes. Contact us to learn more about our properties and book your next stay call 866-499-9026 or email info@kongmanagementgroup.com.


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