What Makes A Smart Home So Smart?

Sep 14, 2020


Ever wonder what a smart home really is? At Kong Vacation Homes, we define it as a home where household tasks are automated. In fact, all of our vacation homes in Tampa Bay and Hallandale Beach, Florida, are also smart homes, with automatic systems to control lighting, climate, entertainment, and even security!

But why would a vacation home be automated? For Kong Vacation Homes, the benefits are clear! By investing in automation technology, we are able to create a more convenient and secure environment for our guests. It’s our goal to provide your family with a home away from home, where everyone feels comfortable and safe during your stay.

Making home management more streamlined, smart home technology allows you to control functions and devices throughout the home, all through an app on your smartphone or tablet. Here are some of the top features that you can find in smart homes:

  1. Automated security systems
    Our vacation homes feature Vivint Smart Home Security Systems for our guests’ safety, security, and peace of mind. The system consists of a control panel with a state-of-the-art color touchscreen, along with wireless security sensors that provide home security protection.
  2. Video doorbell
    As an additional security measure, a smart doorbell allows you to monitor the home’s entryway and screen visitors – even when you are not there! With a call to your smartphone when the doorbell is pushed, you can see and speak to any visitors. This smart feature helps to enhance home safety and ensures that no one interrupts your vacation!
  3. Keyless entry with smart locks
    With smart locks, you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys – or meeting the vacation rental owner for a hand-off – again! At Kong Vacation Homes, you’ll receive a personal access code instead to use as a virtual key. Another benefit to smart locks is that they allow for contactless check-in and check-out. Especially during a time like the global COVID pandemic, this is one more safeguard for your family!
  4. Smart thermostats
    As an energy-saver, smart home technology allows you to manage the temperature of the entire house – from wherever you are – with only your smart device! A smart thermostat can help maximize comfort and minimize energy use by automatically adjusting a room’s temperature when you leave it. As an added bonus to guests, Kong Vacation Homes management team also can troubleshoot any problems with climate control through remote access!
  5. Smart lighting
    Just like with smart thermostats, intelligent lighting can be scheduled to turn on and off through automatic motion sensors. You never have to worry about turning off the lights when you leave your vacation home or wasting energy!
  6. Wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
    Also, for your peace of mind, all Kong Vacation Homes include wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These devices act as an intelligent home fire safety system, alerting you to potential danger and protecting your family in case of a fire.
  7. Wireless water sensors
    A smart water sensor can detect the first sign of moisture, lessening the impact of plumbing issues and minimizing water damage in your vacation home!
  8. Smart TVs
    You can find smart TVs throughout Kong Vacation Homes for your viewing pleasure! Through Internet integration, a smart TV allows you to stream music and videos, browse the web, and even play gaming systems! With the download of an app, your smartphone can act as a remote.
  9. Free high-speed Wi-Fi
    With all of this Internet-dependent technology, it just makes sense for Kong Vacation Homes to offer free high-speed Wi-Fi at all of our properties. When you check-in to your Tampa Bay or Hallandale Beach vacation home, you’ll receive the Wi-Fi password unique to the property. Kong Vacation Homes staff is always available to help make sure you are connected!
  10. Maintenance on demand
    If there’s ever an emergency maintenance issue, our guests can rely on prompt service from our partners at Homee On Demand. Through a downloadable app, you will be connected with experienced handymen, electricians, plumbers, and HVAC professionals, who are pre-approved and operate locally. The appropriate service provider will be dispatched to your vacation home to assist you within 30 minutes!

For more information about the smart homes at Kong Vacation Homes and what we’re doing to ensure that you can stay safe with us, call 866-499-9026 or email info@kongmanagementgroup.com. If you’re traveling to Tampa Bay or Hallandale Beach, we invite you to experience our smart technology firsthand, allowing you to vacation to the fullest with Kong Vacation Homes!

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